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Taking Action

Dog owners are tax payers and voters – your opinion matters!

The Law

Are you confused by the current laws on dog theft? Then visit - a specialist site dealing with dog law in the UK.

To find a solicitor in your area, contact the Law Society. Tel: 0870 606 6575, email: ,

You may also wish to visit the website for the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare -

Wheldon Law are also Dog Law specialists who can provide detailed information as to what you can do next -

Write to your representatives

Go to and type in your postcode to find out the name and address of your MP, your MEPs and your local councillors. MPs and other political representatives can act as an intermediaries if you are not satisfied with the reaction of the authorities to your experiences of dog theft.

If you would like information from or to complain to a government department (for example, the Home Office or DEFRA), your MP will be able to send a letter to the minister concerned on your behalf. This is route is more effective than writing to the department yourself.

Contact your local Police

To contact your local policing team, click here. The website for your area police force will give you names and addresses of police officers and stations. There will also be a feedback option and information about how to make a complaint if you wish.

Write to your Local Authority

Click here to find the website of your local authority. You will be able to find a “contact us” button so that you can ask for information or make a complaint.


The UK's National Lost Pet Microchip database and Lost Pet & Found Pet Reunification service. We are here to help stem the rising tide of dog theft and rural crime in the Thames Valley area. With thanks to Dogs Trust for their support. The UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. DTA is pleased to support Pet Theft Awareness, a campaign which highlights the danger faced by owners of all pets and horses. Please support them! With thanks to Our Dogs for their support.