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PR Policies

PR Policies

First, a note to you, dear readers:

I value you and your pets more than you could imagine. I love that we have this vibrant community of pet lovers. I hope, now that we’ve gotten to know each other, you realize I’m not someone who would ever trade the soul of this site for a fee. Yet, with the amount of time and energy devoted here and to all the associated entities around the web, the reality is that I have to earn an income from it. I truly hope you know that I will always be genuine. Products and services I recommend are all products that my little testers, have actually used. I would never recommend something that I haven’t tried first-hand. I will let you know if something was purchased by me or sent to me to test, and I will never, ever write a positive review about something just because I was paid to review it. I will always be completely transparent, and if you ever have any questions about anything that appears here, please don’t hesitate to email me at info {at} dogtheftaction{dot} com!

Thank you for being here and for sharing your pets’ lives with this community!


  • Reviews and giveaways: If you’d like to send me your product for review consideration, please feel free to send me an email pitch before sending the product. Brands are responsible for costs of shipping a non-returnable sample for us to try. In addition, product reviews are – without exception – paired with a reader giveaway. Shipping costs associated with sending the giveaway are also covered by the brand. Giveaways repay readers for their engagement with a brand. My reviews are always genuine, though I won’t write a bad review. If we dislike something, I can’t assume everyone will dislike that same something. Therefore, sending a product sample doesn’t obligate me to write a review. If you’re not interested in a product review and giveaway, a sponsored post–though more expensive–might be a better fit since it doesn’t include a giveaway or personal review.
  • No crowdfunding, Kickstarter, or fundraisers, please.
  • Sponsored posts: I create custom content to connect your brand with your ideal audience, or I can work with your content team to publish an appropriate post created by your team. Dog Theft Action readers are your customers. However, this blog is my baby, and I love, adore, and value the wonderful people who read it every day, so I’m picky about these partnerships. The best place to start is with a pitch email.
  • Sponsorships and spokesperson: Limited availability. Email me at info {at} dogtheftaction {dot} com with your details.
  • Do you have an idea beyond this simple list? The best place to start is with a pitch email.